Welcome to Emmak Cosmetics

Welcome to Emmak Cosmetics.

For more than 20 years we have been importing and distributing organic and natural cosmetics in the field of pharmacy and organic cosmetics stores. All the products we trade are manufactured with the latest technologies, absolutely environmentally friendly and 100% do not contain animal ingredients.

The process we take to import a product includes extensive quality controls to make sure we provide the best in the field of beauty and hygiene, at the best prices.

Some of the companies we work with

Herbacin Cosmetics

German cosmetics company.
Among the products we exclusively import include the outstanding Herbacin Kamille hand cream, popular all over the world.

Triflora Italia

Erbacolor natural hair dyes were among the first to contain plant extracts. It is manufactured in Italy by Floreal since 1979 and contains no ammonia, PPD, metal salts and methylresorcinol. The blend of herbs makes it the simplest and most natural solution for hair colouring.

Remy Laure

A French cosmetics company that has been active in the field for about a century since 1921. The popular product of Black Mask is the world’s first natural skin care treatment using natural mud.